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Prickly Pear Pediatrics FAQs


Prickly Pear Pediatrics is a direct primary care model, which centers on a direct relationship between doctor and patient. As such, insurance is not a part of that relationship and does not dictate how we practice medicine. We do not accept or bill insurance and are considered out of network with all insurances.  

While not required for membership, we strongly recommend families to have insurance coverage. Your membership is not a substitute for your insurance. Hospital bills, laboratory testing, imaging, and medications can be a burden. High deductible plans and healthshare plans are a good complement to our membership. Please discuss options with your insurance company for guidance. We recommend a PPO plan to help with specialist referrals.

Membership fees are automatically charged monthly to your checking account or credit card. We offer a 5% discount for annual payment. Since your membership fee is automatically charged, you never have to worry about an unpaid bill or wonder if any insurance claim has been processed or how much you still owe.

It is best to check with your employer’s human resources department or your accountant to see if the use of your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA) can be used for your membership.

Dr. Webb will administer vaccines to your child during their visits. The cost of vaccines will be billed to your insurance through a 3rd party vendor. Or, if you do not have insurance or insurance does not cover the cost of vaccines, we will offer a cash price or encourage the use of the health department.

How the Practice Works

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Model mimics old-fashioned medicine before we depended on insurance companies to drive our family medical decisions. This model of care allows for your doctor to spend more time doing things that really matter: taking care of your family. By choosing not to accept insurance, Dr. Web will have a smaller panel of patients and therefore can spend more time with and offer more services to her patients. 

With longer visits focusing on true wellness, predictable costs, minimal wait times, and direct access to the doctor, DPC is changing the healthcare landscape. It is patient-centered healthcare, not governed by insurance companies.

A monthly membership fee gives your child access to Dr. Webb for scheduled well-visits, unexpected sick visits, and visits for many other common pediatric questions, concerns, and illnesses, and allows for the development of long-lasting relationships.

  • Checkups and administration of routine vaccines 
  • Unlimited sick visits (acute and chronic care)
  • Remote visits/virtual care
  • Home visits offered for newborn check up and 2 week check up (within 15-mile radius from clinic)
  • School/camp/sports physical forms
  • Management of minor lacerations (stitches, staples, glue) 
  • Developmental and behavioral screenings 
  • Counseling and guidance personalized to your family (nutrition, development, sleep, behavior, parenting, and more)
  • Evaluation and medical management (when necessary) of chronic pediatric conditions such as eczema, asthma, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and more

To see price of membership based on your child’s age, see our pricing page HERE.

Dr. Webb practices evidence-based medicine with the goal of keeping all children healthy, and believes that vaccines help to protect children against many preventable infectious diseases. She also believes that parents should understand the risks and benefits of vaccines and she is happy to provide education. If you do not plan to vaccinate your child, our practice is not a good fit for you. 

Yes, we encourage expecting parents sign up for an in person or virtual prenatal visit to ensure that we are a good fit and learn more about your family’s needs. To schedule a prenatal visit, click HERE.

Dr. Webb will provide advance notice of any planned absences and immediate notice for any absence due to illness or family emergencies. She will still be available by text, email, or phone during these times. If Dr. Webb will be completely unavailable, she will arrange for coverage by another board-certified Pediatrician to take care of issues that may arise while she is away.

Our practice is designed to benefit you when normal life and the unexpected happens. Childhood is full of unpredictable illnesses and injuries—bumps, scratches, rashes, and more. When your child needs stitches, has a fever, gets sick while out of town, or needs a last-minute sports physical, we are available to provide peace of mind and compassionate care for your child.

At a traditional large practice, you might not be able to get in quickly and instead be referred to an urgent care or ER for care that could have been provided by your pediatrician. A single visit to an ER or urgent care can carry a cost equal to months (or years!) of the personalized care that we provide at Prickly Pear Pediatrics. 

And even if you do only visit the doctor a few times each year for annual physicals or checkups, it will be a whole new experience: same-day or next-day appointments, no waiting, and a relaxed, casual atmosphere. You will receive a higher level of personalized care that you won’t find in today’s large, busy pediatric practices.

Dr. Webb likes to do a meet and greet with any families who are interested in the practice to discuss the direct care model, learn about your family’s needs, and answer any questions that you may have. To schedule a meet and greet, click HERE.

How Does it Work?

Interested in becoming a member or want to learn more? Schedule a FREE virtual Meet & Greet with the Pediatrician to answer your questions and get to know each other.

For general questions, email
or call us at (830) 587-5098.