Prickly Pear Pediatrics

Newborn Jaundice

Dr. Webb explains what causes jaundice in newborns, how it is treated, and what families should know about jaundice

Springtime Rashes

Dr. Webb describes a few rashes that she sees on children during the springtime and how to help your child when they have one of these rashes.

The Chickenpox

Dr. Webb provides information about what the chickenpox is, how it spreads, treatment, complications, and prevention

The Newborn Visit

Dr. Webb explains what to expect during a baby’s first check up (the newborn visit).

The Nursemaid’s Elbow

Dr. Webb explains what a nursemaid’s elbow is, how it is treated, and some tips to try to prevent it from occurring.

Story Time With Your Child

Dr. Webb shares the benefits of reading with your child daily as well as some tips for creating your story time.

All About The Flu

We share some important information and advice for families about the flu.

The Power of Prickly Pear

Once I made the decision to start my own practice, I knew I needed to come up with a name that was meaningful, unique, and a little bit fun.